An Institute on the Path of a Unique Mission

 A complete life is inclusive of everything around us is present in a school with a unique mission. Institutes provide children with opportunities. All of us do have ideas about our own everyday life and also about other’s life. Our mission is to spread diversified and quality education and the capacity of individuals to develop a common understanding with others. People have always observed and reflected upon societies and groups in which they live. We need to reflect on the rich social life of our country and give the international community a lively sense of daily experience and generations share.

 Mata Gujri Senior Secondary School is always eager to spread education and tries to take advantage of the views and thoughts of the great personalities around us. It is inspired by the greatest woman of all times made to born by god almighty. She endured testing times passed through turbulent phases untiringly toiled against unrelenting odds. We always focus to develop students’ reasoning power and character. Our motto is to weld together imagination and experience to develop youthful vigor into a sense of responsibilities for immediate action. Mata Gujri Senior Secondary School is a nursery of discipline and future leaders of the country. This school will produce ideal citizens who will be assets for the country.


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Mata Gujri Senior Secondary School

Guthmara, Patiala

Affiliated to CBSE (No. 1630687

Contact No.: 0175-2631440, 83602-33524,94178-73648


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