Origin & Objectives


The School has been established by Mata Gujri Public School Management society Devigarh which has its origin in the magnificence and Philanthropy of Mata Gujri ji, perhaps the greatest woman of all time made to born by God Almighty. She endured testing times, passed through turbulent phases, untiringly toiled against unrelenting odds. She gave birth to the saint soldier, to whom nobody equals ever, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. She was a pillar of support to her husband Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji who sacrificed his life for the cause of oppresses.

It thus becomes naturally obligatory for us bow heads in complete reverence to her grandeur & so we do. The School was established in the year 1998 with a meager strength of 200 students and from then onward the school has made galloping strides. it now has teeming strength of more than 1500 students in its roll. the School has a  mission to spread knowledge and provide diversified and quality education in any nook and corner of the area without any discrimination about caste, creed, religion or otherwise and serve as a beacon.


To develop the student's physical intellectual, moral and spiritual personality.

To develop in them leadership qualities, self-confidence and self-esteem, independent thinking and effective decision.

To help them to master the basic language skills: proficiently with emphasis on effective mechanics, comprehension and composition. 

To make them effective and confident communicators, displaying clarity of thought and good listeners to different views and enhance their capabilities to defend their view diligently and logically.

To make them aware of the history of civilisations, current issues and events, social problems conferning the world and other communities.

To enable them to have a sound understanding of character and to make them exhibit these qualities in their day to day life, feel pride in their identity and to make them aware of their role as an individual on the earth.

To make the student aware of the fast development in the field of science and technology and to enable them to use these to their advantage.

To give an opportunity to the student to develop himself/herself physically, intellectually, morally and spiritually, in accordance with the moral teachings.

To enable the students to accept, appreciate and adopt the new trends in all sphere of life. To prepare the students for the challenges that the future may pose.