Our Stellar Features

Parent-School Partnership

PTM is an effort to foster stronger relationship between the school and the home, focusing on the child as the loci of both the parents as well as school. On regular basis parents are provided with guidance on sensitive issues like: how to study during exams, happy kids, happy you, good eating habits, spending quality time with children.

Smart Classrooms

Experts believe that a person is able to retain more if the medium of instruction also involves an audio visual cue. For the same, MGSSS has endorsed smart classrooms that uses presentations and visually effective content supplements to enhance the learning experience. The school ensures the very best for its students.

Science Lab

Science is all about understanding how things work around us and what better way to simulate the same. Over the past decade, the subject has taken the world by a storm and it continues to gain momentum. These labs endeavour to provide an effective experiential learning tool for students, which would assist them in understanding the various concept of science by means of implementing them in a controlled and guided environment.

Mathematics Lab

Mathematics as a subject touches everyone's life. Then be it the simple arithmetic concepts of number lines; or more defined geometrical concepts. It is important that we attain a certain amount of proficiency. Also, it is important to make it fun to learn in order to achieve the same as well as improve mathematical concepts of the students by means of facilitating a fully functional Maths lab, which would assist by means of effective tools and props.

English Lab

English as fast become the language of choice for many Indians as the language is being chosen as the preferred medium of instruction across different verticles. Ensuring that students not merely focus on speaking fluently but also with the right diction. The lab has been set up to improve proficiency in English Language of the students by means of facilitating a fully functions language lab, which utilizes technology to impart well structure modules to students of different age group.


Our aim is to bridge and digital divide and help students to build their ICT Skills. The lab is an extension of real world learning which help children to also decide professions related to ICT.

Co-Curricular Activities

Besides the usual school curriculum, various Inter-House, Inter-School and Intra Class activities are organized in the from time to time. The School also started regular personality development programmes for its students. This includes communication develpment, command on English language, cultivation of etiquettes and manners, boosting confidence and attitude management programme. Besides making conversing in English compulsory for students, debates, discussions, declaration contests & quizzes are also conducted to help the children shed their inhibition and develop strong personal and social skills to become confident individuals who can deal with the complexities of the modern world.

School Library

The school has a spacious, well-furnished and well stocked library which is open during school hours and students can get books issued on their names. It has a large collection of books especially meant for children to enhance their knowledge.

Games & Sports

The colourful and vibrant world of budding Matagujrians get plenty of action from the sports arena with multifarious features. Since its inception, the school has been in the fore front in sports activities among educational institutional in the area. Football, Handball, Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Badminton, Athletics, Shooting are few enlisted activities in which our students participate at State Level and National Level. They have brought many laurels to the school in form of prizes, medals and trophies.